Thursday, 8 April 2010

First figs...

This time last year I bought a small fig tree (Petite Negri) from Reads Nursery, it arrived with one fig already on it, this eventually turned black and tasted unbelievable. I know most people think figs are disgusting, gritty, dried up splats of fruit that do dubious things to your insides - but that is really unfair. You can't go wrong with black/purple figs. You know when they're ripe because they look like huge black grapes, the size of a hen's egg, that just drop from the branch into your hand. They're blood red when you slice them open and taste like huge strawberries. Try them with blue cheese and a good red wine and they will blow you away. Figs are easily my favourite fruit (at least until I manage to grow a banana). After this first fruit I assumed it was finished for the year, but as I was growing it in a pot in the 'conservatory' it managed a second crop in late summer, producing a couple more that were even better. Today I see there are already 3 or 4 little figs on the way so I'm expecting to get at least one tart out of it this year. My life needs more tarts in it.

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