Thursday, 8 April 2010


Hopefully one day soon all this is going to be spicy tomato relish or possibly a puttanesca sauce. Right now they are fairly respectable looking tomato seedlings (Minibel) that I got as a free gift in a gardening magazine. They are doing a lot better than the ones I bought (F1 Floridity) which went leggy in the dark days at the end of March.
Other things that are on the go or imminent are in no particular order; Beetroot (Burpees Golden , Bulls Blood , Egyptian turnip rooted ), Carrots (Early Nantes , French Touchon ,Pariser Market), Shallots (Vigarmor), also Garlic and Garlic Chives, Jostaberry, Strawberry (Mara des Bois, Tenira), Victoria plum, American Date Plum, Apricot, Banana (Musa Sikkimensis), Pepino (Melon Fruit), Lettuce/Salad leaves (Mervieille des quatre saisons, Rougette de Montpellier, Sorrel de Bellevile, Cornsalad Verte de Cambrai, Chervil), Melon (F1 Hybrid Sweetheart), Squash (Baby Bear), Peas (Hurst green shaft, Dwarf French Beans), Courgettes (F1 Cavili), Cucumber (La Diva), Sweetcorn (Incredible F1), Herbs (Orange Scented Thyme, Lime Mint, Hyssop, Winter Savory, Oregano, Lovage, Borage, Sorrel Silver Shield, Rosemary, Lemon Coriander ), and probably many others that I've forgotten about.

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