Friday, 9 April 2010

A prize arrives...

Today my book-prize arrived from Debora over at Love and a Licked Spoon, a copy of Canteen: Great British Food, which I won for being a bit of a smart arse and boring everyone with jolly tales about my time in the jungle - again. I've been in the garden all day so only just had a chance to sit down and go through it. I have to say it looks way better than I had hoped, chock full of proper recipes like steak and kidney pie and treacle pudding. As soon as the new kitchen is sorted and a cooker that works arrives I am going to go through this book systematically trying - well just about everything I reckon. So thanks again to Debora for that.

The book does however have some really weird photos to illustrate sections of the book, using some oddly lumpy stuffed animals in bizarrely posed tableau. I went to art college in the 80's and have done my fair share of pretentious twattery and was pickling things in formaldehyde and other weirdness over in Northwick Park while Damien was doing the same thing with more success south of the river (wish I'd stuck with that idea for a couple more years, doh!). But even I am a bit freaked out by these, they remind me of Mr Potter's Museum Of Curiosities. For example on pages 52-53 'oh look, an odd assortment of unnaturally posed mice and a hedgehog have chanced upon a selection of cheeses, fruit and marrows in a little woodland glade what could be more natural?' Actually now I come to think of it the only thing this scene is missing is a few torn pages from Razzle or Escort poking out of the bushes. In the old days before the internet sparse foliage in woodland glades was the only place you could find porn, it's just what this image needs to make it truly retro - yet again it is up to me to teach art directors how to do their jobs.


  1. So pleased you like the book. Do come back and be a boring smart arse whenever you like. I kind of love those weird pics - the perfect antidote to the 'hommage a Cath Kidston' school of food styling. I like to think that if the late, great Malcolm McLaren did a recipe book it might look like this. Though obviously the food wouldn't be as good.

  2. I suspect a McLaren cook book would involve a lot more spit than usual.