Sunday, 25 April 2010

Zombie chillies have risen…

I was just about to empty out the pot of 'dead' cayenne chilli seeds that I assumed had rotted away (because everyone told me they were tricky to germinate and they’ve done nothing for ages) – but now two of them have just clawed their way out of the grave . Bloody Typical! It must have been the heat yesterday.

Now I have a bit of a dilemma, I never really expected them to live and would have preferred it if they hadn’t survived, as I never really wanted to eat anything that hot. The Anna Valley website lists the Cayenne as 6 out of 10 in terms of heat (I know from experience that my limit is the Jalapeño at 4/10) but they were a present so I’ll have to keep them. Besides I am loathe to kill anything as so many plants seem to commit suicide without my help and these little sods have been so tenacious.
They shall live - for now. I have decreed it. If they manage to fruit then I’ll dry them, grind em up and make my own Cayenne pepper Mwhahahha!

Here's a bad pic of the Spanish Spice (left) and Pepperoncini (right) now they’ve had time to settle down, not bad for £1.99 each I reckon.


  1. AT, you could always tend the cayenne's and treat them as ornamental plants, just a thought. - G

  2. Very true G. However I started this 'project' as a kitchen garden with the idea/rule that there was only space for things that were edible - no passengers. Come to think of it I probably should have mentioned that in the first post :)

  3. You could use the ground up cayenne as a cat deterrent, so I'm told.
    By the way, how's the electric doing? That's some excuse for not working, it was all gouache and letraset in my day.

  4. Electric is back on but cooker is knackered, only the grill and two rings seem to be working on the hob now - it was on the way out before the refit started but it will be a few weeks before it gets replaced so things a bit tricky food wise.

    I have a back up power supply for the big machine that I do the majority of my 3D modelling and painting on but that only gives me 10 minutes juice - just enough to save and switch off safely if there's a powercut. The problem with goache was always that you have to wait for it to dry, doing it digitally means I can paint in watercolour, oils and inks all at the same time. I do miss the smell of paint though. Luckily I never have anything to do with typography and can confine my horrific pre digital experiences with letraset to room 101.

  5. That's Sods law, the things you're not so bothered about end up germinating. I can usually get those things I'm not so bothered about to germinate, it's the ones which I'm really bothered about which are tricky.

  6. Keep them & tend them with love! I carefully tended & nursed a dozen varieties of chilli seedlings. When I ran out of room indoors they were all, with reluctance, relegated to the 4-tier plastic greenhouse in the backyard, after I ran out of room indoors.

    There's me worrying about frazzling them in the sunshine or low temperatures at night, and all the time the snails were feasting... feasting I tell you!!