Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The last stand of the greenhouse monsters…

Much to my amazement the greenhouse is managing to hold off the relentless assault of Autumn and is still providing an amazing harvest.

The huge Floridity tomato monster is finally relinquishing its grip on the far end of the greenhouse as it breathes its last gasps and gives up the last few small fruit. The zed zebras on the other hand are still looking robust, it took a long time to fruit and then an age for the tomatoes to start to colour but now its got the hang of it and is still chocka with huge toms. I have to say they are disappointing eaten raw in salads but make a mean passata (and chutney). They have also provided some small amusement with some amusingly misshapen offspring. See their excellent impression of a bubble-butt and the amusingly entitled ‘Tomato Escape Pod’.

The back from the dead zombie cayenne chillies have finally decided to turn red. I didn’t think they’d make it but they proved me wrong. Little do they know that in doing so they have sealed their fate, for I shall now dry and grind them into powder mwahahahah!

Outside my Mara des Bois strawberries are living up to their perpetual billing by waking up again after about a month of inactivity and have started producing another batch of huge strawbs. I was meaning to transfer them to the raised bed, like I’ve already done with the Tenira, but don’t want to disturb them while they’re busy fruiting.
Also outside is the Pepino (solanum muricatum or “melon pear”). I grew these from seed last year, only 3 plants germinated and they all got some horrible looking disease. Two of them died completely and the third was put outside against the wall to fend for itself. It somehow survived last winter and to my amazement produced some rather nice purple flowers that gave way to little fruits. These are supposed to reach the size of hens eggs and be a creamy yellow with purple stripes and taste of cantaloupe when ripe. They are hard as rock at the moment so not sure if they’ll make it all they way. But I’m impressed they fruited at all outside and this far north.
Saving the best for last, my Lemon tree in the front porch has 3 mini lemons! I completely missed the flowers as they were right up underneath the main leafy bit and totally hidden. I wouldn’t have known they were there but I noticed some blossom that had fallen into the pot and looked up to see a tiny little yellowish blob about the size of a clove, then another and another. Slightly gutted that I missed the flowers (although now I think of it the usual smell of cat pee in the porch was tempered with some lemony overtones last week) but well chuffed that I might be cooking with lemons at Xmas. Huzzah!